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Filter and hide closed databases

I had some feedback on the designer some weeks ago, that it would be good to filter away closed databases in package explorer. This does already exists in Designer today, Kudros to Dan O’Connor that showed me this. (The icon has changed from 8.5.3 to Designer 9)


And uncheck Closed projects


Now your package explorer is much cleaner and you can find you databases alot faster.
The closed project does also show up directly in the menu so you easily can toggle it.
Filter Closed projects
You can also use worksets here to get better filtering of databases and on disk projects

Checking if the browser is online

There is a easy way to check if the browser as internet access or not. In the wireless and mobile world a check if the loaded page has internet access can be very good, a very easy check can save you alot of problem.

The only thing you need to do is


Use Multi copy paste and increase your productivity

How many times have you had multiple blocks of code that you want to copy to a new place.

Or had information in a excel spreadsheet in multi columns that you want to copy to diffident places.

i.e. a company address. and you start to copy them one by one. I have a solution for you that will increase your productivity. It’s a free clipboard manager that is on Sourceforge Ditto

To set it up your should install it and go to options – Keyboard shortcuts

set the send paste check box and add Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0 into the position fields


Let’s start to be productive.

Document Locking in XPages

People editing documents at the same time can be a big pain for the developer resulting in unwanted problems in an deployed application. To handle this problem I created a managed bean DocLock to handle the problem. The managed bean stores the username and an id each time the users edits a document. If another user tries to edit the document, you can block the user from entering edit mode. 

To implement the managed bean in your own database is very simple, Copy the java class and add the managed bean setup into faces-config.xml ( check the supplied readme file)

The project is released on Openntf –> Link


Enjoy getting less document conflicts.

Designer quick tip – Database compare

Compare databases for differences

If you have two versions of an application and have missed to document what the differences between them were. Here’s how you could find out how.

Add the two versions to Domino Designer. Goto package explorer, select the two databases and right click.Database Compare DDE

And when you compare the databases, you will get a structure where you can see what’s different.

database compare

There are folders that you can skip to look at like the local folder. If we now open up the xpage folder we will in this can find that an xpage called document is changed.


The differences is highlighted with grey, I have also added a red line below them in this example. the buttons at the top also makes is simple to add the changes between the databases displayed. Or if you only want to document the changes.

There is not difference between Notes 9 and 8.5.3 this works the same in both versions.