Results of my poll

I did a poll some days ago 300 people answered the poll

88% of the people who responed has atleast one server with 8.5.2 or 8.5.3 interesting 

29% Is seeing an increase in mobile applications and 43% is seeing an increase in web vs client.

55% is still doing 50% XPages and traditional Domino development. But one of the big things is that 24% of the people voating is not doing any XPage development at all that is almost equal to the amount that is doing only XPage development.

This small poll is no science at all 300 people of the hole IBM customer base of Domino 😉

But from this small amount of people 88% of these companies can run XPage Applications.

Client applications is still here so IBM will probably need to increase the investment in XPages Client integration. or perhaps just buy the XPages2Eclipse product from Mindoo. If that product was integrated as a part of the XPage offering from IBM we would get a big jump forward in Client/Eclipse integration and that is needed. 

One might wonder if the 24% part that is not investing at all is customers that is moving away from the Domino platform. What can be done to make them believe in the platform again?

1. IBM need to show that Domino still is the leading platform for corporate applications.

   (the Domino Server needs it’s own appstore, we just need a packager perhaps.)

2. IBM needs to create a demand for Domino, make everybody aware that is a platform that is alive!!!

    (Marketing Marketing Marketing and ROI )

3. The platform will need a more modern look that isn’t traditional Notes.

    (I’m sad perhaps I’m one of the few that like it)

4. IBM needs to invest alot more money into the Eclipse platform to get the stability that we had before

    Eclipse. (Perhaps a way to move to newer releases of Eclipse faster is the answer, I don’t know) 

Yellow forever and ever!!!!!

  1. Henning Heinz

    Great to read that people are still so passionate about this technology. The poll had some interesting results too. Thank you.

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