Notes Client as a browser plugin

After reading the post by Raj –>link about the Notes browser plugin in 8.5.4

This is great the Notes client as a browser plugin, all you old applications running in “browser notes”

Hopefully an automated install can be preformed so the user interaction is minimized to UserName and password, in the comment Raj writes that server name also needs to be specified. Hopefully this can be removed with some  install param. Or that you could get this from the server you download from.
Perhaps require a login on a Domino server thru http, then you know the username, password and homeserver directly. 

According to the blog post the install is 60MB and under one minute in install time.

I just want to say Woow this is real news for the corporate use of Lotus Notes.

Even if it’s an ordinary notes client behind the scen, it’s what the user sees that matters.

Good work IBM 

Ed Brill post about the Lotus Notes Browser Plugin

  1. Great work BUT years too late I’m afraid. This would have been awesome at the time we were given the infamous two lane highways but that was years (maybe 8?)ago and the market and technology has moved on…

    • There is always two sides of the coin,
      I’m sorry that your company moved to another platform.
      The browser plugin is great because you still can run all these
      Corporate apps that hasn’t been web enabled. I can agree that it
      would have been great if this had been in R8. But we are hopefully getting it in 8.5.4

  2. Fredrik Malmborg

    I am at UKLUG and IBM showed me it. Looks fantastic and very promising. If you have ID-vault, it automatically gets the ID-file from there.

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