New version of my Tinymce Custom Control

I got an enhancement request from a user if it’s was possible to validate if the tinyMCE control had some text.
Because validation is implemented as a core property on XPage Controls this was a quick fix.  

One Tip i can give when creating your own custom controls is when binding computed properties, set the property how the compositeData property should bind to compute at page load, if the data shouldn’t update.
Some properties of controls require this. I don’t know if this is a bug or if it’s this is meant to work like this. 😉

I also built an XPage using the Form Table control to display how the validation looks like.

Check out the new version of the Tiny Mce custom control –> openntf project page 

  1. Thanks! 😎

    I added a small something to it, too, but not as detailed as you did.
    I was also able to add a “read only” type logic to it, by adding a “status” property (integer). The TinyMCE editor will show the editor when it’s that status, and will show the computed value when it’s not.

    Take care & thanks again!

    Steve in NYC

    • Great, that you find my control good.
      I’ll look at adding a readonly property in the next version of the control

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