Dojo and jQuery part 2

Part 2 should have been some more examples but I feel that I need to write some about the response on my first part there where alot of comments discussing different things around Dojo vs jQuery.

First I like to say that my compare between these two was to show that you can do the same things with Dojo as you can do with jQuery and the code does look almost the same, also that Dojo has so much more inside the “package”. 

Joacim wrote why are you comparing an older version of Dojo than jQuery well because I´m mainly working with Dojo and xPages and the Domino server currently has an old version of Dojo and jQuery would be an addon to the server and then be of the latest version. But also to point out that even though Dojo 1.6 is 2 releases old you still can still use it and it will work great, and there is no need for jQuery. If you should learn one client side library it´s Dojo because this is what IBM is using for all the things in XPages.

I will continue with my Dojo travel in part 3 and that one will include some code I promise 😉

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