Debug XPages code with a debugger of your choice

It has been alot of talk about a debugger for XPages, Do we need a copy of the lotusscript debugger. Or a brand new debugger that gives us new ways to debug our code. Yes please. I think there is several new interesting ideas on how to debug code faster and better. How would you like to debug your xpage code?

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If you look at other languages there is alot of interesting features in debuggers like

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Comment on this post if I’m missing something or if you have some ideas about what a good debugger should contain.
Backwards debugging in flash
(Yes, I know flash is based on a timeline, so debugging forward and backwards is easier in flash)
  1. Debugging has been sorted out for the general Eclipse population in 3.5 or 3.6 -> there are standard APIs and ways. So I would expect the Eclipse debugging framework to be used. There are tons of articles and help around how to use that.
    It is the way how to debug plug-ins and I wouldn’t see the logic to use a different approach for applications.
    Of course the debugger connects “from behind”, so you won’t see/run any client side JavaScript. Therefore some Firebug integration might make sense?
    Also: a “workbench” where I can pick the calls I want to make to my server side and inspect the results would make a lot of sense.

  2. … or debugging while showing the page in the embedded browser in Eclipse.

  3. Pranesh Vaidya

    Hi, To debug the Xpage code, we can use a custom control. it has a console where can check values of session, view and custom variables. here is the link:

    The XPage Debug Toolbar was created by Mark Leusink.

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