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Client Killer v2.0 released now controlled with cmdline

Version 2.0 of Client Killer is released this release can be controlled using the commandline

Client Killer -kill  Will automatically kill the Lotus Notes Client

Client Killer -Killandclean Will kill the Lotus Notes client adn clean the log files

Client Killer -Clean Will just Clean the log files (Make sure that the Notes Client isn’t running) 

The usage of this is i.e cleanup the log files when users logon to their computer in login scripts.

Link to the new version –>> Client Killer

How I fixed my wireless problem in IOS6

After I upgraded to IOS6 I started to get problems with wireless connections in my iPhone. Wireless connections randomly stopped working. After some investigations I found several suggested fixes. But the one that worked for me was to reset the network settings.
The only sad this is that all your wireless networks and vpn connections is forgotten.

You can find the reset property here
Reset Network Connection

Ios6 wifi problem solution

Why Maps needs to change into social

Maps in mobile phones, GPS navigators and computers needs to change. There is no value for a company to owning their own maps of the world except that they will be outdated. 

There has been a lot of discussions about Apples change from Google Maps to Apple Maps, in Sweden Gothenburg was placed in the sea and alot of other reports of maps showing wrong information. I think it’s interesting that this is happening, Apple’s Map data provider is TomTom and I have never heard of any problems with map data in their GPS navigators. Has Apple bought the 1999 edition of Maps from TomTom?

If the maps in iPhone where social these glitches would have been easy fixed but now when Apples maps is locked in there is a need for an update from Apple. Lucky for us there are more alternatives for iPhone users, Waze is one tehere are probably more out there, but are they social?. There are also open map sources like open street maps that users can edit and change the information within the maps. This is social power, user created maps with meta data. Perhaps services like Waze should move to use this kind of map sources instead then the true social power will show.

Interesting with Waze is that it will send data from your smartphone back to waze servers and out to other Waze users, and if there is a jam that will be automatically reported to other users. And a user can report accidents with text and pictures.

Another aspect is that one could use Waze to is to take a photo of the hot crowed places are when people is out on i.e. a pub night. Take a photo and write a text why all the action is happening at a certain pub tonight   

The bottom line is Social Social Social that is the future of maps.

XPageDeveloper – Client Killer v1.1 with log file cleaner

A new version of my Client killer software is released this new version has support for cleaning up log files that the Client is producing in the following folders workspace/logs and IBM_Technical_Support. You can run the client killer with and without the Notes client running, If you only want to clean up the log files. 




The size of the log file folders is presented directly when the client is started.

Download the new version here

New version of my Tinymce Custom Control

I got an enhancement request from a user if it’s was possible to validate if the tinyMCE control had some text.
Because validation is implemented as a core property on XPage Controls this was a quick fix.  

One Tip i can give when creating your own custom controls is when binding computed properties, set the property how the compositeData property should bind to compute at page load, if the data shouldn’t update.
Some properties of controls require this. I don’t know if this is a bug or if it’s this is meant to work like this. 😉

I also built an XPage using the Form Table control to display how the validation looks like.

Check out the new version of the Tiny Mce custom control –> openntf project page