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Notes Client as a browser plugin

After reading the post by Raj –>link about the Notes browser plugin in 8.5.4

This is great the Notes client as a browser plugin, all you old applications running in “browser notes”

Hopefully an automated install can be preformed so the user interaction is minimized to UserName and password, in the comment Raj writes that server name also needs to be specified. Hopefully this can be removed with some  install param. Or that you could get this from the server you download from.
Perhaps require a login on a Domino server thru http, then you know the username, password and homeserver directly. 

According to the blog post the install is 60MB and under one minute in install time.

I just want to say Woow this is real news for the corporate use of Lotus Notes.

Even if it’s an ordinary notes client behind the scen, it’s what the user sees that matters.

Good work IBM 

Ed Brill post about the Lotus Notes Browser Plugin

Some minor updates to SmallTalk and TinyMce editor

I have today released some small updates to SmallTalk and the tinyMce editor custom control.

SmallTalk needed some polishing to the attachment upload working in the client.

And for the tinyMce control I did some changes in the init scripts because they gave some strange js
errors in older internet explorer browsers so now it should work in IE7 also.


Let’s do a Social Group Activity and what a response

Woow what a response. I sent out last night on twitter that we should start a social group activity.

The idea didn’t start last night you might remember that I wrote about that Lotus Notes and XPages needs a great tagline, Post 1 Post 2. The Lotus Notes community needs something to get together around.

If you use Lotus Notes for email or traveler for email in you phone. You should add a line at the bottom to should where the email was sent from. Think of all the people that we send emails to everyday. If they see the line at the bottom of the email from you and from all of us that like Lotus Notes.

Soon I think people will start saying to each other I also want an inbox that does more.

Exactly what you add in your email signature isn’t that important, the main thing is that you add something.

Speak out and join the community that’s what Social is about. 

My original line was

Sent by Lotus Notes – More than an inbox

Per Henrik LaustenPer Henrik Lausten

thought we should change the line so it looked more like the iphone

Sent from Lotus Notes – More than an inbox 

Mat NewmanMat Newman

Wrote his own post regarding this and thought of the line

This message was sent from IBM Lotus Notes – MORE than an inbox

Dave Armstrong commented Matts post and thought that we should

 add this line into applications that is using domino

Serdar BaşeğmezSerdar BaşeğmezSent out this twitter post

I have added this line to my email signature!! “Sent by Lotus Notes – more than an inbox.”. Your turn! 

Feel free to comment that you join this social activity.

XPages Q&A tomorrow, also XPages 8.5.4 update

Check out what’s new in 8.5.4 regarding XPages.
Ask your XPages questions tomorrow to IBM Specialists.

Do not miss this event
Link to the meeting info

Check out the presentation –> Link

If you can’t attend ask your questions here