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Lotus Notes, XPages Tagline Update

We had some talk on twitter using the hashtags!/search/%23lotusnotestag!/search/%23XPagesTagline

My own tagline suggestions for Lotus Notes and XPages are

Lotus Notes – More than a inbox

XPages – Xtending your business

What do you think, post a comment!

I have an Social Idea with these taglines but I will come back to that in a later post.

XPages and Lotus Notes needs a great Tagline / Slogan

Help to come up with a tagline slogan for Lotus Notes and one for XPages.
That we all can use to get a great feeling when we talk about these products with customers. 

if you have any suggestions post a comment

if there is anyone that could sponsor some prices for the best taglines, send me an email thru contact at the top of the page.

After this we can have a vote for the best taglines. 

Check out these company tagslines



The Domino designer short command that saved my day

Today I learned a new XPage Designer short command CTRL+Shift+> what does this do you might ask?

Well how many times have you been in the designer and have tag highlighted and started to scroll upwards or downwards searching for the corresponding tag. That is something you can stop doing now.

You only have to use CTRL+Shift+> and volia you end up at the matching tag

Happy Source Coding

Small Talk – What’s Up my latest contrbution to

Check out my latest contribution to Small Talk this is application will help you spread all these small talks around the Coffee Machine in your organization. Small Talk can be added to the Sidebar in your Notes Client, thru a Mobile Client or Directly within the application.

Check it out at Link to Project