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This is the result of the debugger poll

I have a little poll Link about what the developer community want from a future debugger I had 62 people responding to the poll, Not a huge amount but anyway enough to see the direction. A future debugger of XPages needs SSJS debugging, java and client side debugging is not necessary. 

It was a close run between new debugging features that I listed  between conditional breakpoints and

backwards debugging and the backwards debugging won. It would be great to have both these functions in a future debugger. How could a backwards debugger work in Domino, well I think that it could work like this. When you start debugging every change to variables is logged the only variables that can be traced is your own variables. no objects. Then when you start to trace backwards these changes is shown in the debugger like playing a movie backwards.

Looking forward to the day when we get a debugger. 

New interesting openntf project

I found this interesting project on yeasterday Ruby in XPages if you don’t know what this is it’s an implementation so you can write Ruby code inside an XPage. You might say I don’t know Ruby so how can this be of interest to me.

I don’t either know Ruby but I think the project it self has other interesting things because it shows how to implement another language into XPages, perhaps node.js, PHP or ASP.Net. 

Another post about the possibilites to expand XPages was posted by Sven Hasselbach awhile ago show a way to write lotusscript code inside an xpage –>Post  (use Chome or Rockmelt to get the post in english)

Debug XPages code with a debugger of your choice

It has been alot of talk about a debugger for XPages, Do we need a copy of the lotusscript debugger. Or a brand new debugger that gives us new ways to debug our code. Yes please. I think there is several new interesting ideas on how to debug code faster and better. How would you like to debug your xpage code?

[poll id=”5″]

If you look at other languages there is alot of interesting features in debuggers like

[poll id=”6″]
Comment on this post if I’m missing something or if you have some ideas about what a good debugger should contain.
Backwards debugging in flash
(Yes, I know flash is based on a timeline, so debugging forward and backwards is easier in flash)

Improved calendar integration for Traveler – an idea

I got an idea about how to improve the calendar integration in traveler.

Unfortunatly the idea will only work for the Android version because I don’t think you can control the phone in IOS.

The idea is that you could control settings in the phone using the calendar, this isn’t anything new if we are talking about you office phone but on your mobile phone and the change is not done in the switch board. 

What am I talking about then, in an Calendar appointment you setup a profile/Category i.e “quite meeting”

In your traveler client in the mobile phone you can specify your own profiles and you can get predefined profiles from the traveler server. when a meeting ocurr and you have a corresponding profile the settings for this profile apply to your phone i.e go to flightmode, Turn off ringtone, perhaps activate wifi.

Then you can control alot off cool stuff using your calendar. And the profile in the phone specifies what should happened when the meeting starts and what should happens when it ends. 

That’s my idea for the future of Traveler.

Remember where you read about it first  Ha Ha