UserRoles in ACL takes forever to apply in Xpages

I have tried a simple test I have a user direct in the ACL. The acl has two roles

User and Admin.
In the XPage I have a button that has a hide when formula that looks like this
return true;
return false;
I have also tried
But it also have the same effect this takes forever to apply If I add the Admin role to a user.
But if I have a notes form with a field and in that field I add @UserRoles
I just have to reload the form and the new user role apply.

I have tried using show nlcache reset ( tip from Erik Brooks) but it has no effect.

If anybody have an idea how to make the acl change apply also in XPages please feel free to comment.
  1. Hmm… try a “tell http clearcaches” before or after the “show nlcache reset”?

    • The problem was that in XPages user type was ignored. In this case the user was added to the local domain servers by misstake.

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