NotesRichTextRange ReplaceAndFind clears the RichTextItem or gives a crash

>If you are using this function in Lotusscript (haven’t tested Java) and replacing text that has the property passthruhtml beware that the Richtext item will be cleared if the RichText item data is larger than 64K, I can’t wait when the 64K limit gone from Domino!!!

Another enoying bug is that if you do alot or replacements the client/server will crash.

The bugs in reported to IBM, and I will comeback with when they are fixed. They are reproducable so I’m confident that IBM will fix them.

  1. Ben Langhinrchs

    >I love your optimism in "They are reproducable so I'm confident that IBM will fix them", but there have been reproducible bugs reported to IBM about rich text programmability in Notes 6 that haven' been fixed. That is very nasty code, according to IBMers who seem to know, and they may be very nervous about changing it, even for what seems like an obvious fix.

    I am biased, of course, because I sell the Midas Rich Text LSX, but I would urge you to at least think about alternative approaches in case IBM doesn't react as promptly as you think they will.

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