My top 5 things that we need in XPages

1. Better Client and OS integration
You need to be able to do things in an XPage that you are used to in an ordinary client.

  • Copy and paste images into the rt field
  • Communicate with the eclipse client framework
  • Integration with other desktop applications
  • Finally get a full integration with symphony documents.
    (Open them directly from an XPage thru code, create from template, set content in Symphony)
2. Integrated Debugger and Memory profiler
Checkout the debugger in visualstudio this is how the debugger should work in my opinion. Start debugging in client code continue over in server side code and back again. NICE ;-). Memory profiler that is built in would also be great and not just for test environments (When do you really need them ? ).
3. More error handling in the designer
Today in the designer you can make errors easily that you will have a hard time finding.


4. WebServices
In all other modern development environments webservices is used alot. We need support for Webservices in XPages both in code and as a datasource.


5. Integrated Extension library
We need the extension library to be integrated into the server and client install.
If it’s installed. It’s also updated like you update Firefox or Chrome, automatically!


This is my top 5 things, no specific order. What are yours?


  1. Just some comments

    You can paste images into the ckeditor.
    It just don’t work in ie.

    people should really stop making webservices
    json is the future.

    I want the extensionlibrary to be converted to
    custom controls.


  2. Perhaps JSon is the future but you have alot of other environments that uses webservices and it’s more defined. If you make a jSon service and want to send this to someone else there is no WDSL file that they can import. They need to check the data it self and they can’t ever know how to send data.
    When you have a webservice this is automatical, in other environments it’s as easy as “use” in a ls scriptlibrary.


  3. Hi Fredrik, thanks a lot for sharing this code.. it works well.
    Will you be able to help me with this query.. when I try to click a button on the dojo dialog which involves a partial refresh, the standby image is displayed on the background form alone and I am able to click on the other controls in the dialog. How can I get it the other way round, the standby to appear on the dialog alone or on the whole page including the dialog.

    thanks in advance

    • Hi,
      The main problem is that the dialog is inside the body and the standby control is operating within the form due to a bug
      in dojo I think. But you can change the target of the standby control.
      so when you open the dialog do”id of dialog” and when you close the dialog do
      fullStandby,target=document.forms[0] everything should work the way you want it to do.


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