Modifying a mime richtext item in Lotusscript

>I have been trying to modifying a Mime Richtext item using Lotusscript but no luck yet.

I have a Mime richtext item with a stored image also in mime and I just want to change the
HTML part not the image part. And every time I try to modify the HTML part it gets changed but the images are gone after saving.
If you have an idea on how to do this please send me an comment.
  1. Ben Langhinrchs

    >If you can wait a few days, you can try an interim version of our new Midas Rich Text LSX release. We are adding the ability to manipulate MIME the way we have allowed manipulation of rich text.

  2. >Are you using NotesMIMEEntity and related classes?

  3. >I have tried using NotesMIMEEntity but with no luck. I probably need to do something special.

  4. >I have looked at alot of examples but all of them is about creating new documents with MIME not modifying existing

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