Get a progressbar everytime a partialrefresh is fired

I was looking for some code today to get a wait sign when a partial refresh had fired. I found this great article at bu that wait sign had to be added to each event (Not my kind of thing 😉 ).

Then I remembered that I saw some code created by Tommy Valand to hijack all partial refresh events.

So I made a cut and paste coding and volia. Standby wait sign every time a partialrefresh fires.

I added code section one and two above and also this section into a scriptlibrary.

You could add this lib to a custom control and add the hijackAndPublishPartialRefresh() function in the onclientload client event. Also add dojox.widget.Standby as a dojo module resource.

When I started to use this I found that it was firing all the time, and I didn’t want that so I did some modifications

You’ll still need the hijack script and this last script.


Update, Latest version of this can be found here
using the designer import tool –> Link

Or XSnippet

  1. Great combination! Thanks for posting… 😛

  2. Thank you for posting. This worked on 8.5.2. well, however it results an error on 8.5.3.:
    too much recursion

    dojo.publish( 'partialrefresh-init', [ method, form, refreshId, options ]);

    Does anybody know the reason and/or the possible fix?

  3. same problems here on 853, says dojo is not loaded although enabled…

    • Are you using the latest version of the Partial refresh control.

      I’m using the latest version on 853 so it should work for you too.

  4. latest version of the Partial refresh control?

    where can I find this one?

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