Custom controls and library controls

I read today in a blog post by Niklas Heidloff that IBM has been thinking about of building a converter of custom controls to extension library controls.

I think that isn’t any good idea, why because the installation of extension library is
alot of work today why would you like to have even more controls that needs to be installed into the designer and updated individually?
If this should become a good idea, then we need a new way of updating all these controls like the updater in Chrome or Firefox.
And the updater can have several update sites so you can have one on your local domino server for your own controls and one on
  1. Niklas Heidloff

    >Fredrik, providing a converter doesn't mean that nobody should develop custom controls anymore. There are and will be advantages of custom controls. The converter is an option.

    As I wrote the advantage of library controls is that you don't have to copy design elements in multiple NSFs. Some of this can also be done via design inheritance of custom controls.

    Have you tried the installation using the 8.5.3 update site template? It's really easy. Declan Lynch describes it in his blog. Also on OpenNTF there is a project that contains similar functionality:

  2. >The problem is that the server you are using the databases on need the ext lib the Notes clients needs the ext lib.
    Why isn't ext lib auto deployed to the clients?
    Why isn't there a easy way too see installed version or not of ext lib on server/ client or is there a way ?

    In a consulting perspective with deployment on customers servers the need to restart http on each update is impossible, if you don't like to work night 😉

  3. >Actually is is *very* easy. Get the modified UpdateSite.ntf from OpenNTF and deployment of any library to servers and clients becomes very easy. Works with 8.5.2 and 8.5.3

    🙂 stw

  4. >But it's an update to a customers domino environment and that is often very difficult to be able to make updates to that. I have customers where I can do this and it works but that is smaller customers with a small amount of servers.

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