>are your code affected by the 8.5.2 computewithform bug and how to fix it

>There is a bug in Domino 8.5.2 that affects the use of Computewithform. If you are using computewithform in your code you should read this. There is no alarm because there is a easy fix to the problem and I don’t think that many will be affected. IBM is working on a HotFix for this but it’s easy to fix so that many will not need it.

If you use computewithform directly after you have fetched a document object then you are affected but If you do something with the backend document before you do the computewithform.
there is no problem.
So check if you application is affected search the code for computewithform( and check if you do a replaceitemvalue, getitemvalue or other manipulation with the document.
But if your code look like this
set doc=db.getdocumentbyunid(UNID)
Call doc.computewithform(false,false)
Then just change the code to
set doc=db.getdocumentbyunid(UNID)
Call doc.replaceitemvalue(“Form”,doc.getitemvalue(“Form”))
Call doc.computewithform(false,false)
And you have fixed the bug so simple.
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  1. Dmytro Pastovenskyi

    >Im not agree. This issue appeared in 8.5.2 and there were couple alarms about that bug and it is totaly not minor. That's nice that it did not affect you, but f.x. our applications were affected to much once. We have couple CMS and near 20 editors. as far as I did not know about that issue and after we did update to 8.5.2 we found that issue after couple days, before that all our visitors saw our pages with some minor issues. So in general FP1 should fix that problem just not sure if they did.

  2. >The problem is not fixed in 8.5.2 FP1 and I agree that it can be a big problem if you have written code that directly do a computewithform. But It can be found easy and fixed.
    If you want a fix for this open a support issue to IBM and refer to SPR HES89PG54

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