Applications of the future

How will applications of the future work.

I believe that applications of the future is webbased, component based and autoupdated.

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I think there will be better way to separate an application into pieces and only those pieces that you need will be downloaded into your local application framework runner. I also believe that these application framework runners will run inside the web browser (i.e Chrome frame) or be apart of the web browser.

The pieces will also auto update after every time you have used them not before you use them or if you check for an update. The updates can be checked against a internet based update site or a specified local update server.
And because the application is component based, no problem adding new formats to load or save data from. A new macro language can be docked in because the customers like to develop macros in java instead of .Net.

Major release updates is old news, Users demands a constant flow of improvements. But I don’t say that all IT Administrators want this, but can they stop it?

What is your idea of future application design?

  1. Nice read. keep it up. Thanks for the post. 😛

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