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Get a progressbar everytime a partialrefresh is fired

I was looking for some code today to get a wait sign when a partial refresh had fired. I found this great article at bu that wait sign had to be added to each event (Not my kind of thing 😉 ).

Then I remembered that I saw some code created by Tommy Valand to hijack all partial refresh events.

So I made a cut and paste coding and volia. Standby wait sign every time a partialrefresh fires.

I added code section one and two above and also this section into a scriptlibrary.

You could add this lib to a custom control and add the hijackAndPublishPartialRefresh() function in the onclientload client event. Also add dojox.widget.Standby as a dojo module resource.

When I started to use this I found that it was firing all the time, and I didn’t want that so I did some modifications

You’ll still need the hijack script and this last script.


Update, Latest version of this can be found here
using the designer import tool –> Link

Or XSnippet

Sharing and Open Source

Sharing code is good and open source projects is also good. But neither of them puts food on the table.

When sharing code and software to a community like you often do so because you have found some good stuff before and feel that you also should give something back or you want to show your expertise. And there is probably alot of other reasons but those were just two examples.

But did you know that there is several ways to get something back.

What about offer your documentation as a printed copy. The people that feel your software is great can buy a printed copy and you will earn some money. There is several services one of them is

Another way is to add flattr on your site and the people can show their appreciation. For some this has been a great way.

If you have a great idea for a open source project why not crowd fund it. This is a great way, get people involved and sponsor the building of a some great software. There are several sites for this.

You could offer professional support for your open source project for adaptation, installation or education.
Perhaps offer to setup a XWork Server with your open source software at a fixed price.

There is probably more ways, do you know a way please drop a comment so everybody can get to know that way.




Local XPages problem and webpreview port

I wrote about the new function that you could change the webpreview port in 8.5.3
unfortunately this gives you another problem if you change the port.

You can’t run local XPages in the client web preview works fine, if you change the port back make sure you write 80 in the field. If you just clear the field you will still get problems.


My top 5 things that we need in XPages

1. Better Client and OS integration
You need to be able to do things in an XPage that you are used to in an ordinary client.

  • Copy and paste images into the rt field
  • Communicate with the eclipse client framework
  • Integration with other desktop applications
  • Finally get a full integration with symphony documents.
    (Open them directly from an XPage thru code, create from template, set content in Symphony)
2. Integrated Debugger and Memory profiler
Checkout the debugger in visualstudio this is how the debugger should work in my opinion. Start debugging in client code continue over in server side code and back again. NICE ;-). Memory profiler that is built in would also be great and not just for test environments (When do you really need them ? ).
3. More error handling in the designer
Today in the designer you can make errors easily that you will have a hard time finding.


4. WebServices
In all other modern development environments webservices is used alot. We need support for Webservices in XPages both in code and as a datasource.


5. Integrated Extension library
We need the extension library to be integrated into the server and client install.
If it’s installed. It’s also updated like you update Firefox or Chrome, automatically!


This is my top 5 things, no specific order. What are yours?


iOS 5 now Live

I have installed iOS 5 on my devices at first I had some problems with a error 3200 in iTunes. But that was from that Apples servers was overloading with everybody upgrading.

Some suggestions before upgrading if you haven’t done this.

1. Remove any apps that you rarely use
2. Make sure that you have updated all apps in your device
3. Make a backup copy of all your photos and remove them from the device
4. Remove and videos and music that you can

All the above things is just so you upgrade goes as smooth as possible, If you have alot of data on your device the backup will be huge and take alot of time.

Also before you start upgrade, make sure that you have Itunes 10.5

Start the upgrade and don’t be scared it will do alot of reboots before it’s done.

Happy upgrading 😉

One thing that similar between Apple and the Domino server is that upgrades is always that smooth.
If only the Notes Client install could be that smooth too.

Strange Javascript numbers in IE9

I got a strange error today. I loaded some data using Ajax from a Domino view.

Looped thru the data and did some addition with the numbers. Nothing strange with this and
this code have been in production for a long time.


This code stopped working in IE9 both with and without compability mode. The code worked in Chrome and Firefox. If I ran the code using the IE9 debugger it also worked. But in IE9 it started to display the last parttot in the tot variable.

Strange or what???
It gets more strange. I changed the code to


and now the code works in all browsers.

Lotus Notes Foo or will it be XWork Client

Ed Brill talks about the roadmap for Domino, this is great customers want to know that the road continues. He has made up a name called Foo for the next version of Notes/Domino because the name is not decided yet. But he tells that there will be a 8.5.4 version and a Foo Version or as I think it will be named
XWork Client.
IBM released the new XPage server a couple of days ago and this server is called XWork Server
Link to some info regarding this (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3).
Due to the fact that IBM want to drop the Lotus Notes name, xWork will probably be used instead. I think XWork is a good new name because this describes very good what the Lotus Notes/Domino always has done it eXtends your Work. It’s a eXtra hand when your work.
It’s not just another software, it help you become more productive, it helps you and your colleagues to do more. Lotus Notes was an application framework before that was invented.

So I’m excited to see what the next step is for the XWork framework.


Select your web preview port

Before 8.5.3 local web preview often didn’t work for a number of reasons. Skype blocking port 80,

HTTP Server: Error – Unable to Bind port 80, port may be in use or user needs net_privaddr error

Or some other problem. Now your problems is solved, just open preference -> Domino Designer and change the port to a higher port i.e. 5000.


8.5.3 is live on my work machine

I’ve installed 8.5.3 on My work machine.
So far everything works great. Need to really get time to try out all the new features sorting of ft results, running web querysave agents and the PostScript event (this name is really funny and unfortunately it didn’t make it to the Gold Release 🙁  ).
There are so many new functions in 8.5.3 great work IBM getting this out. I’m looking forward to start using this in production.