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Welcome to XPage Developer

Welcome to my new site XPage Developer
I will continue writing about XPages and Lotus Domino as I did on my old site

All posts before this post is reposted blogg entries from by old blog

Where does SSJS print show in the notes client

Where does SSJS Print() in the client end up I answered a question in the XPage forum yesterday but I thought that this might be something worth writing
a line about because this is one of the things that I was wondering about when starting with XPages. To view the print statement you should look in the menu
Help -> Support -> view trace
Or you could create a new icon and in the property box for target
add the following -RPARAMS – console
The last param is also great when debugging Notes clients that doesn’t startup. But beware if you close the console window the client crashes!!

Watch what you put in you scoped varables

Your XPage app may run out of memory if you put js functions/classes or domino objects in scoped variables because these objects is not Serializable. So because you can it is not always ok to do that 😉