Monthly Archives: August 2011

Custom controls and library controls

I read today in a blog post by Niklas Heidloff that IBM has been thinking about of building a converter of custom controls to extension library controls.

I think that isn’t any good idea, why because the installation of extension library is
alot of work today why would you like to have even more controls that needs to be installed into the designer and updated individually?
If this should become a good idea, then we need a new way of updating all these controls like the updater in Chrome or Firefox.
And the updater can have several update sites so you can have one on your local domino server for your own controls and one on

Changing value of an xpage dojo timecontrol?

Does anybody know how to change the value of a xpage timecontrol in a onclick event and the information is still there after a full or partial refresh?

Link to the XPage forum post and all the things already tried

The Oracle Google Android lawsuit

>I read that the lawsuit that Oracle has done against Google for using Java in the Android operating system demanding $6 billons. That is alot of money. But I also read that Google has bought 1000 patents from IBM and that sale had gone thru recently.

I’ll bet that one or more of these 1000 patents is going to be used to do a counter lawsuit that will block the use of Oracles database engines. So Oracle will be forced to drop the lawsuit.
Apple has also done a lawsuite that is blocking Samsung for selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and the US.
I understand that someone wants to get payed for the development they have done, but this is getting ridiculous!!!
Where would we be if all companies where working like this all the time?

The death of social media

Now Goggle + is here and we have twitter, Facebook, Connections. In all this places people post information. The information is not marked in any way so Personal, Hobbies and work stuff is mashed together in a huge mass.

People gets overloaded with information that they don’t want/need to know. I belive the information needs to be filtered. Lets say you have 300 friends that posts 3 posts on facebook every week. That’s 900 posts a week. thats more than 100 posts per day. If you then also have friends on G+ and Twitter that you follow and they might do double posts how much information do you need to read then. And with some people you want to read about work stuff and other you want to read information about their family. If you are following people globally they perhaps are doing posts in several languages and you are interested in the english posts.
I think that people will stop using these things if the information can’t filtered.
That is what I think, what do you think?