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How to create a notes plugin

I have done some reseach to setup a plugin dev environment but it requires eclipse 3.4.2 gaymede and that can’t be downloaded from anymore. Anybody know where to Find this for win32?

A response to Bill’s post

>Lotus has a stamp of being old. I have eared this so many times Lotus Notes is that still updating?
I believe there is several reasons to this problem.

1. Marketing of the Lotus platform

2. IT departments hasn’t updated their Lotus software, why hasn’t this been done?
Cost, Can’t see the need to update not that many new functions.

3. The domino designer got free to late

I think that all of the above reasons combined has been reasons why the Lotus platform has and still is loosing customers.

IBM and the Lotus community need to show what can be done with Lotus Notes and that new versions do exists and what they can do.
The openntf och xpages sites are good but there will also be a need for ads/ videos / blogposts about how companies solved their problems using Lotus Notes.

Perhaps someone should announce a video competition for marketing videos.

Lotus Notes is a platform for the future!!

Redirector Custom Control for xpages is released

>My first addition to is released today

The redirector helps you to send the users to other XPages if conditions is meet or not
i.e The user doesn’t have the admin role, redirect!!
the user is using firefox, redirect!!
an IPad, redirect!!
User is not Editor, redirect!!
It’s nothing special with this Custom control, just that it’s reusable code as it should be. You don’t need to rebuild redirect code for you admin interface, special functions. Just add the redirector to your XPage.
Link to the project

Deploying traveler with ssl


A short post with some field observations if you are going to deploy traveler.

If you are going to use ssl get a real ssl certificate. Then you will not get any problems with devices not being able to connect.

Get a separate ip adress and dns name for the traveler server.

If the above thinks are done then you shouldn’t have any problems 😉