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Modifying a mime richtext item in Lotusscript

>I have been trying to modifying a Mime Richtext item using Lotusscript but no luck yet.

I have a Mime richtext item with a stored image also in mime and I just want to change the
HTML part not the image part. And every time I try to modify the HTML part it gets changed but the images are gone after saving.
If you have an idea on how to do this please send me an comment.

IE 9 and Domino Applets = Crash


I have some machines running 64bit Window 7 and Vista 64bit with Java and IE 9
And they are crashing when opening a page with a domino applet.
Is someone else experiencing this?

Update on resizing datefields


One problem that I have encountered is that IBM is creating dojo.onload event that is sent to the user if a partial refresh is done. And If you have resized a date field and do a partial resize on
the resize is lost of course. If you haven’t place the script inside a computed text inside the area that is partial refreshed.

Xpage Events doesn’t always work after partial refresh

>I had a strange error today, I had an Xpage that when you clicked in the navigation a partial refresh was done and a “document” was loaded into a panel with a title and some RichText displayed inside a computed text control it also had a Back button that executed some server side SSJS.

On some documents the back button didn’t work. I started to investigate.
I found that the javascript at the bottom of the returning partial refresh was never executed.
Something in the richtext HTML did this. But there was nothing wrong in the HTML.
I should also add that the problem only ocurred in IE 8 & 9 with compability mode.
No to the fun part how did I solve the problem.
I created a Div for holding the returning HTML
and below this in the Computed text control, I added a script tag that did a getElementById and assigned the Dokumenttext the tag using innerHTML but to assign the text I had to escape the HTML first in SSJS and then unescape it before I added in to the innerHTML