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Rockmelt & Flock, 2 chrome based browsers with interesting functions

>I’ve found these two new browsers that has interesting social functions.

Rockmelt has interesting Facebook, Twitter and Rss integration so you will get updates when you are browsing. A quite nice browser. You get all the functions from Chrome plus the great integration to Facebook and Twitter.
Flock on the other hand has integration to more services like youtube, linkedin and the best bookmark manager I ever has seen in a webbrowser. You can add notes to websites and search for the content. Flock is also based on Chrome so all the chrome functions are there.
Try them out and see what you think.

IPhone 4 with traveler connection problems

>I have a customer that has an IPhone 4 and he gets connection errors, server not responding all the time with the traveler server but if he opens the browser and surf against the traveler server the sync starts to work again.

Anybody have any ideas?

UserRoles in ACL takes forever to apply in Xpages

I have tried a simple test I have a user direct in the ACL. The acl has two roles

User and Admin.
In the XPage I have a button that has a hide when formula that looks like this
return true;
return false;
I have also tried
But it also have the same effect this takes forever to apply If I add the Admin role to a user.
But if I have a notes form with a field and in that field I add @UserRoles
I just have to reload the form and the new user role apply.

I have tried using show nlcache reset ( tip from Erik Brooks) but it has no effect.

If anybody have an idea how to make the acl change apply also in XPages please feel free to comment.

Strange Error, Domino view doesn’t return any documents on webb but from client (Update)

>The problem is now solved and the problem was that the ACL for the database was probably corrupt.

I copied the ACL to another database, changed one entry and copied the acl back to the original database.
Problem solved.
But it was strange
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>Strange Error, Domino view doesn’t return any documents on webb but from client

>I encountered a strange error today, running web application on a 8.02 server.

Some of the webpages stopped returning documents in some views.
just No documents found
And there is several databases using the same template some are working and some isn’t.
tried to fixup, updall -r but no luck
The only error that I have seen on the server is
Attempt to perform folder operation on non-folder note
But I don’t know if this is related. And I can see the documents in the view if I open the view from a notes client.

If anybody have an idea please send me an comment.
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>are your code affected by the 8.5.2 computewithform bug and how to fix it

>There is a bug in Domino 8.5.2 that affects the use of Computewithform. If you are using computewithform in your code you should read this. There is no alarm because there is a easy fix to the problem and I don’t think that many will be affected. IBM is working on a HotFix for this but it’s easy to fix so that many will not need it.

If you use computewithform directly after you have fetched a document object then you are affected but If you do something with the backend document before you do the computewithform.
there is no problem.
So check if you application is affected search the code for computewithform( and check if you do a replaceitemvalue, getitemvalue or other manipulation with the document.
But if your code look like this
set doc=db.getdocumentbyunid(UNID)
Call doc.computewithform(false,false)
Then just change the code to
set doc=db.getdocumentbyunid(UNID)
Call doc.replaceitemvalue(“Form”,doc.getitemvalue(“Form”))
Call doc.computewithform(false,false)
And you have fixed the bug so simple.
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