>Swedish army changing email

>The swedish armed forces decided to change to Lotus Notes in 2001 and the project was fully implemented in 2005. They have now decided to replace Lotus Notes / Domino with MS Exchange and one of the major reasons why they do this is because Lotus Notes doesn’t support the new security classification that the new SAP system they will begin to use “Prio” require this.

The interesting part is that the company that implements “Prio” for the armed forces is IBM.
So the new SAP system that IBM is implementing will move the 20 000 users from Lotus Notes to Exchange.
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  1. >There MUST be a hidden reason for this other then Prio. Just does not make any sense.

  2. >There is three reasons according to the idg article, cost savings, security classification and a MS solution helps them to use of the shelf and open source products.

  3. >Don't be surprised by IBM converting users to exchange. IBM are also a services company (bit of an oxymoron), they have service contracts to support as well.

    If they refused to support client decisions for techno-political reasons, then they would be in breach of contract.

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