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XPages Event parameters solution found

>It’s very interesting that event parameters retrieval is totally undocumented and there is no articles / blogentries about it on the web. You should know that I have been searching and trying to get the solution thru the community but with no luck.

But Now I have found the solution
When triggering a onClick event the this object will contain a XspEventHandler and
this object has a method called getParameters() this method will return a Java ArrayList.
The arraylist will contain the parameters with name and value.
So to print all parameters you can walk thru them like this
var value=this.getParameters();
var tmp=””;


tmp+=value.get(x).getName()+” – “+value.get(x).getValue();
tmp will then contain a string will all the names and data of the event parameters for you to display.

Check out my article in the application development wiki

>Anybody know how event parameters work in XPages

>I have been searching for information on how to retrieve them but with no luck.

It’s probably dead simple but I don’t know how. If you do please send me and comment 😉
The solution