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>Inbox Rules engine could be used for more

>Lotus competencesImage via WikipediaThis if the rules engine of Lotus Notes could be used for more than sorting emails into folders.

When working in the inbox you would like it to help you. Imagine if you automatically could create tasks,calendar appointments from certain incoming emails.
Perhaps create documents in the notebook template to store interesting newsletters.
a more intelligent inbox that can automatically do stuff for you and just leave a summary in the inbox for you like the out of office summary would be a great help to everybody that receives alot of emails.
Googles approach with the priority inbox, that sorts the emails with different priority depending how often you send / read emails to a recipient is also very interesting but that will probably only solve a little bit of the problem.
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>Agent alias revisited in 8.5.2 Gold

>As I wrote before about having aliases on agents that doesn’t have brackets around them.

Although the agent itself is only shown in the agent list, in 8.5.1 this did break the agent name.
And in earlier code drops of 8.5.2 this was an problem too. But as I wrote in my Earlier post I was confident that this would be solved until we reach GOLD of 8.5.2 and it did so if you have used agents that has a name like this “(my agent)” and an alias like this “my agent” this works really well now in 8.5.2.

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>Lotus Connections got a competitor from Lockhead Martin

>Lockhead Martin releases a open source communications platform called Eureka Streams.

the platform is released under Apache 2.o license
To know more about Eureka Streams check it out at
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