Client Killer

Lotus Notes Client killer is a GUI for the IBM command line tool nsd.exe and log file cleaner in workspace/logs and IBM_Technical_Support. You can also run a forced mode kill, that kills the client tasks. This way is not the recommended way of killing the client but in some cases the only way.

Control Notes Client Killer from the Command Line

Notes Client Killer -kill  Will automatically kill the Lotus Notes Client

Notes Client Killer -killandclean Will kill the Lotus Notes client adn clean the log files

Notes Client Killer -clean Will just Clean the log files (Make sure that the Notes Client isn’t running)

Notes Client Killer -force This will kill the tasks for the client

Notes Client Killer -forceclean This will kill the tasks and do a clean

Make it easier to kill your client/designer if you run into trouble.

Download Client Killer 3.5 here –>> NotesClientKillerSetup

Version 3.5: Fixes a bug introduced in 3.4 with wrong tasks being killed when doing forced mode

Version 3.4: Fixes so SUService.exe also gets killed when doing a forced kill

Version 3.3: Fixes some killing tasks that didn’t get killed when doing forced kill

Version 3.2: Update 130527 Link is now fixed so you will get the new version when downloading

Version 3.2: Bug fix release

Version 3.1: Finding of Notes client using Notes.ini if registry doesn’t work. Some stability fixes and checks.

Version 3.0: Added Support for Notes9, also added forced mode that kills the tasks instead of using nsd.exe

                  Also created an installer instead of using a zip file. To make the utility easier to find.

Version 2.0 Added support for command line control of the utility

Version 1.2: Fixed Bugs when cleaning up logs, before the logs where not always cleaned.

Version 1.1: Added support for cleaning log files

Version 1.0: Initial release