Domino Designer Memory Configurator is here

Do you want more speed in Domino Designer?

Do you want to configure you designer memory but always forget where to do it?

Did you know that everytime you add a Fixpack of the designer the memory is reseted ?

Now this is no problem just use Designer Memory configurator and with 2 click your memory is increased to the level you need.  

Download it using the link below

–>>> Designer Memory Configurator

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7 Comments on "Domino Designer Memory Configurator is here"

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Patrick Kwinten

would be great to have the option to check the ‘Show heap size’ option from the Designer Preferences =)

Lars Berntrop-Bos

I see the highest value is 2048. Back when Andrew Pollack first published this tip that amount (2048) would crash Notes. I see the upper limit has moved! Is there any documentation for that?

Lars Berntrop-Bos

Oops. Just tested it. Giving the client 2048M memory doesn’t allow the client to start. You might want to change that. Also, how do I influence the number for Xms?

Michael Gollmick

Great Tool! If you remove the 2GB option, why not changing it to a 1.5Gb aka 1536kB option?