TinyMce RichText Editor integration in XPages

I have created a Tinymce integration custom control for XPages.

Why is this a good thing?
Well this means that you can edit richtext in XPages both on the web, the Notes Client and it works with IPhone,IPad with IOS5.
You do not need to rely on when a new version of Domino is released. New versions of Tinymce is released more often than Domino releases.

It has alot of features that the Domino RT editor don’t. The custom control is lacking one thing in this version but I believe that this can be done in the future and that is image upload support. Another thing that is giving me a headache is Backend Richtext support and this 64K. If I add html using Richtextitem.appendtext the help states that it will automatically add a paragraphs if the content is larger than 35K. What happends it cuts the appended text at 64K 🙁
2011 and we have restrictions in Domino that is from 1995, Please IBM build a RichText version 2 and it don’t have to be compatible with version 1 so we can drop all these restrictions. 

It’s released here at openntf.org

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Fredrik stöckel
I have encountered this problem several times and feel your pain 🙂 The trick to solve this however, is to control how you append text to the rt-item so that you can split the text into several smaller (<64) chunks and append each part as a paragraph instead of just appending one large text block. If you split the text by carriage-return (worst case) or something more suiteable () and then append each part (and adding the removed back again (if you use the java/js split method)) you should be able ro avoid the 64k limit for each paragraph. I’m… Read more »
Leif Lagebrand