What happens in enemy camp: Microsoft Build 2014


Microsoft developer conference Build was at Moscow center this week. Microsoft new CEO Satya Nadella talked about that Microsoft will be the developers best friend, well we will see about this. They also talked a lot about Internet of Things or to be exact Windows for Things. Windows in your car, your tv and all your other machines. It’s probably only is the multimedia system so we can be calm, no blue screen on the highway. If you want to know more this is the session to view 

Windows phone is free for phone manufactures to meet up the competition from Android and IOS. Microsoft also released version 8.1 with a brand new virtual assistant Cortana to compete with Siri and Google Now. It had alot more news see the Day one keynote to see them all.

Checkout the Day 1 Keynote here and Day 2 keynote here or this video about Cortana

The race against Mobile domination is not over yet and if you have counted out Microsoft you are probably wrong. This is the company that thought internet wasn’t anything for the future and a couple years later they has 90% of the web browser market and almost killed all competition. I’m not saying that they can do this again but moving up and getting 30% of the market is not unrealistic.


A new native mobile development framework Xamarin was shown. It enables you write the mobile apps in c# and publish them for Windows Phone, IOS and Android. Interesting is that Xamarin enables you to build and test applications for all three platforms on Windows.

Xamarin can be found here

Microsoft also showed of a new element framework called WinJS that will get multi browser support. check it out try.buildwinjs.com

I don’t think that this is tools new but anyway, the development environment Visual Studio is available thru Microsoft Azure as an online service. There is a session about that  Getting Started with Visual Studio Online if you want to know more. 

This was some info on the things I’ve found about the Build dev conference, if you have some more info perhaps you where there, please add a comment.

Mastering XPages is here soon

The upcoming second edition of Mastering XPages is here soon with a release date of the 25:th of April.

Impressive 1200 pages of XPages information. Apart from all the old stuff the authors has added content about mobile, extension library, debugging (my favorite part) and performance.

I will write a follow up with a review as soon as I get my hands of a copy of the book.

Check out what the authors say about the new book

mastering xpages at xpagesdeveloper.com

You can preorder the book here

IBM Press


Domino and Heartbleed

A support flash has been sent out by IBM Support that Domino is not affected by the bug.

Link to IBM Support flash can be found here.


But you might be affected anyway because yahoo.com, amazon.com flickr and many more sites are affected by the bug.

If you want to know more about hearthbleed check out links

Affected services

krebson security


Calling web services from XPages the missing part

I had an XPage project where I needed to call some web services to get some information and after reading on different blogs my hopes of getting this to work was almost null. But sometimes knowing your history helps and I remembered how I started to create subforms using dxl for several years ago and that almost everything is stored with in the design note.

So I started to think, does the built in web service consumer create the code inside the design element and yes it did. Great!

Check out my Notes in 9 video here

or continue to read the post

Is there any common things between between this and XPages, Yes. Java! But there is a problem they work in different jvm:s. But when I looked closer to a web services consumer with generated java code, there where 3 jar files attached to the design note. One with the source, one with the precompiled java code and one with the configuration settings.

Let’s export the java code and try, but there isn’t any way to export it. So I created a Lotusscript agent that will export the consumer code, it can be found at xsnippet.openntf.org or here

Import that code into an agent and place the agent inside your database with the created java web service consumer. Run the agent, enter a valid path for the export.

There is only one thing that you need to check when the consumer is created. The consumer java code must be in a package, if not the XPage code will not work or at least I haven’t found a way.

Now Import the two jar files created, in the XPage jar section, or if you are using 8.5.x add the jar files using the package explorer.

Next step: Create a java file that will use the web service code.

And call the code from the XPage.

No modifying java.policy, No special java command line things the only thing is that you must be able to create the java web service consumer and some web services doesn’t work but that I can live with.

This is of course nothing supported by IBM but I will try to convince IBM to build in the export/import action so my agent is unnecessary.

The sample database can be found here

The databases is using free webservices from http://www.restfulwebservices.net/ where I use the soap version instead for the rest service that is not working with the webservice consumer in Domino.

i.e. the stock quote WDSL file can be found at http://www.restfulwebservices.net/rest/StockQuoteService.svc?wsdl and to be able to use this with Domino I change the url to

http://www.restfulwebservices.net/wcf/StockQuoteService.svc?wsdl to get the soap version of the webservice.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a comment or use the contact link above

Setup the Sametime IOS Client with IBM Greenhouse

Perhaps you want to try the mobile IOS Mobile Sametime client IBM Green house enables you to try this out.

It probably work with the Android client too but I haven’t tries, and ofcouse you can use it with the notes client.

Signup for a free account here if you don’t have one IBM Greenhouse

Use these settings in the client to connect to the servers.

IBM Connections 2014 Day 2

Another day in the Connections week has past and my reflections today was SBT (Social Business Toolkit) is big. This is a really big investment by IBM, and I see alot of great things in this. IBM seams really commited to get this api out to everybody. They have support for javascript, php, Xpages, IOS and more. Hope that they will really try to get all the big cloud vendors to adapt this, that would be really great.

Social Business Toolkit is apart of one of IBM:s focus areas SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud that they are working on and will continue to move forward.


Also I saw the SBT playground, that looks really promising as a way to document development, an XPage help version perhaps :-)

Also it seams like Twitter bootstrap is gaining ground against One UI because more and more is released using that framework, and it’s responsive One UI is not. But I head something about a IBM alternative framework, after some research I think it’s called UAX (Thought is was IDX first, thanks for commenting ) but I’m not sure. Will come back in this matter.

I also watched some more live streams regarding digital experience and one thing I heard that made me hopeful and that was that they were making big investments to improve the rich text editing experience in that product. Hopefully The XPage team could buy them some lunch and get a copy of that code.

Comment if you have seen anything interesting you want to share or if you have a question.

IBM Connections 2014 Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of IBM Connect 2014. The Opening session was full of news for the Cloud area and Mail and IBM Notes probably gets a name change to IBM Mail.

Domino Applications will be able to move to IBM Smartcloud with IBM Soft Layer and the Hybrid Notes will continue to grow. Hybrid Notes is where you use your Notes client for Mail, Calendar and apps but your servers is in the cloud.

The Big announcement was Mail Next a new way to look at the inbox. And from twitter I got some confirmations that this is should be for the Notes Client also, great.

This is of course an example on how it might look but when though it looks interesting. And a beta will come out in the first half of 2014 and to be released in the second half but it’s cloud first.


Some other things noted is that the browser notes plugin will get a mac release, There will be a full traveler mail client like the Android client for IOS and a lot of news about Connections Next, a new context aware archive named Alcatraz 

But as an developer I’m very excited to see what the future of Application Development will show on the live stream today at 11:15 AM. What time is that in my local time you might say, I say google is your friend.

Google for “Time in Orlando” and then you can match that against your local time, works perfect.

And you you have the time before that check out the KeyNote with Smarter Workforce it starts at 8:15AM

The streams can be found at


And the Schedule is can be found here



10 Developer Things I like IBM to show at Connect 2014

Exciting times Connect 2014 is around the corner unfortunately, I’m not attending in person but I will follow it closely as always.

These are the top 10 things I would like to see IBM show at connect

  • Update of Eclipse version in Domino Designer to get better coding environment
  • DOTS Designer Editor, an integrated editor in Domino Designer for DOTS tasklets. So they are as easy to create as an XPage/Agent.
  • Webdav support for attachment editing both for iNotes and Custom applications so users can edit and save files without download and upload attachments
  • Closer integration with Source Control, we want to do automated builds, and better fine tuning of DXL exports (Not all Binary or none binary)
  • New version of One UI that uses responsive design
  • Dojo or JQuery as backend framework for all controls
  • Editor for Faces-config to setup beans and all other things that needs to go in there
  • Social Business Toolkit upgrade for easier use of internet services, twitter, facebook, dropbox and more services. SBT has to much configuring today, with end points and configuring lots of files. This must be easier to get the wider use of this. 
  • HTML5 Websocket support 
  • Better richtext editing experience for the endusers To get a more smoother transition from old Notes Applications to XPage Applications

What thing do you wish??

Client Killer gets an update

Client killer gets an update to fix a problem with some Client tasks not being killed.
Hope you never have to use this utility but if you do click on the link below.



More memory for the IBM Notes client and an utility update

I’ve updated my Designer Memory Configurator to fix some problems reported to me.

The new version number is 2.1 also remember that your ordinary IBM Notes client also gets speed by giving it some more memory. Let your client free.

Download the new version here


Also check out my other utilities

Client killer and Snippet Sync

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